Fujinobou Kaen Hotel

495-201 Subashiri, Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka 410-1431


You can pass a magnificent time in our hotel with the most outstanding and famous mountain in Japan, right before your sight in the natural forest surrounding. A various description showing by Mt. Fuji, throughout of four season is gently heal to our mind. The most of all a fresh seasonal fruit and different kind of souvenir are arrange is selected in good quality. Internet corner Karaoke room, Relaxation game corner, Massage corner are also available…

Guest Room

In Fujinobou Kaen Hotel, the Japanese style room is prepared main for the guest room. On west side room is Mt. Fuji , and on the east side room shows the garden which is the pride of our hotel. Everyone should prepare to relax on the room. It is possible to take a quiet rest lying in a high level bedding.


You will satisfied to the magnificent Mt Fuji, looking inside of Fujibou Restaurant. We deliver you the Japanese, European, Chinese Cuisine and the main high class level of Zuwai Crab. Also the devoted seasonal vegetables, so that you can enjoy the delicious dish with the wonderful view.


The Mt. Fuji lava bath stone are spread all over the fuji lava bath in a world’s unusual high density of mineral vanadium and zincs which has full of far-infrared radiation’s that effect on warming from the core of the body. The natural torch stone is effective on stiffness in the shoulder, rheumatism, lower back pain, atopy, tiredness and over fatigue recovery. You can relief all day in the blessing of natural hot spring.